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The Iris Lie Detector App is available at Google Play Store

Iris Lie Detector App uses scans of the eye as a biometric indicator to tell if the subject is telling the truth.

Truth or Lie? True of False? Find out with The  Iris Lie Detector App

Trust. Once you break it, it's very hard to put back together. We hope that the people around us - our friends, our family, our 

colleagues - are telling us the truth at all times, but at the same time, we know that people lie all too often. Unless you have 

evidence to disprove what someone is saying, you are stuck believing their story, no matter how unlikely it may seem. What else are 

you going to do? Go around accusing people at every turn?

Fortunately, there is another solution: the lie detector. Lie detectors have been calling out liars for many years now, and our 

team is eager to combine this useful technology with the convenience that our smart phones have to offer, with our new lie detector

app, called Iris. The Iris app will monitor a number of inputs in order to determine whether or not the person being tested is 

lying or not.

To use the app, open the app and hold the camera up to the subject's eye so the phone can take the initial picture of the subject's eye. Press the camera button in the lower right hand corner of the app. The app will take the first picture of the subject. Proceed to ask the subject the question. The app will compare the biometric parameters of the pictures and return the results of the query.


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